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Rigvir Group invites biotech, pharmaceutical companies and investors to cooperate to facilitate the development and availability of unique cancer virotherapy medicine worldwide.

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We are open for investment propositions

Rigvir Group invites biotech, pharmaceutical companies and investors to invest in the development and availability of the unique cancer virotherapy medicines worldwide.

We are a privately held company that brings together a number of enterprises that have been developing oncolytic virotherapy since 2002. Currently, the oncolytic virotherapy medicine has already been commercialized in 4 countries with access to more than 40 million people.

The virotherapy medication can now be recognized as the only one that offers a possibility to prevent metastases for early stage melanoma patients since no other effective and safe treatment is available in accordance with the international melanoma treatment guidelines (NCCN, ESMO).

A potential to consider

The future perspective of the medicine is to become widely used as a monotherapy to prevent melanoma metastases in early stage patients and as synergistically advanced treatment combined with other immunotherapy drugs in late stage melanoma patients to achieve remarkable response rates. That refers to both new and current markets of its registration.

The advantages of the medicine are its remarkable safety profile, stability and long-term clinical experience showing effectiveness and a unique ability to maintain a high life quality for patients.

The development potential of the medicine also refers to other indications and rare disease cases where virotherapy has already been used.

Products under development

We have been gradually developing a balanced system of product development to demonstrate a strategic moment for investment partnership.

- active work in progress on POC according to EMA advice.

Our First Biotechnological Spin-Off: Rigvir Group Introduces Investment Opportunity for the Development of a Rare Disease Treatment

During the 18-month project, it is planned to build a foundation for the execution of clinical trials and commercialization of the product with a new trademark for the orphan disease - Uveal Melanoma.

RIGVIR Group introduces an A series investment opportunity to develop a new Oncolytic Virotherapy treatment for rare types of disease.

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