Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation established

On the 14th of February, 2016, a Foundation named after Aina Muceniece – the founder of oncolytic virotherapy in Latvia, has been established. The aim of the Foundation will be to provide real help to oncology patients and give hope to many people around the world, who are suffering from various cancer forms.
The establishment date, 14th of February, has not been chosen randomly. On that particular date, Professor Aina Muceniece, passed away.

Since one of the aims of the Foundation is fulfilling the intention, mentioned in the will of the honourable scientist, namely to make virotherapy available to everyone – in order to reach the aim, a special medicine compensation system created by Prof.Muceniece’s family will be continued. With the help of this system, significant discounts are ensured, that make medicine available to a much wider circle of Latvian citizens.

The Foundation will also continue Prof.Muceniece’s family-started support provided to families with children who are suffering from oncological diseases. Virotherapy will continue to be available for free to children. A support programme will be developed for low-income families with oncology patients, so that they too could receive help in cancer treatment with virotherapy method.

The founders are Prof.Muceniece’s daughter Dite Venskus, granddaughter Katrīna Pumpuriņa and great-grandson Kristaps Reinholds, while the Head of the Foundation has been elected Diāna Otisone who has spent the last seven years actively working at promoting the recognition of virotherapy in Latvia and the world, as well as in patient service and management.

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