ESMO 2018 (Munich): The World’s Premier Congress in Medical Oncology Elaborating the Subject of Application of Oncolytic Viruses

We are aware, that cancer care is rapidly becoming more integrated and more specialized. The oncology professionals need to build and maintain their specialist knowledge by connecting with the best cross - discipline practitioners worldwide. Participation in ESMO events makes this possible.

As expected, this year’s congress attracted an international community of experts, across all the disciplines, including distinctive areas of immunotherapy and oncolytic viruses. The exceptional minds of the industry, all proactively focused on science and spoke on adjusting the oncology paradigm to the rapid pace of technological advancement, finding the most effective cancer treatment solutions available today and improving the lives of patients through continued education.

The discussion on oncolytic viruses was a highlighted event, describing the evolution in thinking about the subject, which is a part of the important shift with significant implications for future research and clinical application.

The main conclusion was about maintaining continuous scientific development of making oncolytic viruses better and more powerful at killing tumor cells in mono and combination therapies and enhancing the immune response, which also corresponds with the goals of our organization.

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