Rigvir Group becomes a biotech company

The shareholders of multi-profile company Rigvir Group have made a strategic decision to restructure the company as a biotechnology company, which will henceforth be known as the Rigvir Group. From now on, future development will focus on product development and increased capacity for high-level manufacturing. Modern research studies have been planned, which will reaffirm the safety and efficacy of Rigvir, and the product’s “pipeline” will be expanded to target new indicators, including rare diagnoses. Activities not in keeping with the biotech concept will gradually be outsourced to other partners and these include drug approval, distribution, marketing and logistics.

The new biotech format will allow us to better advance Rigvir’s potential in the direction of new drugs, while significantly developing its current indicators as a preventative medication for melanoma metastases in both the early and late stages of the disease, perhaps in combination with other innovative immunotherapy drugs.

The Rigvir Group’s shareholders are convinced that Rigvir and virotherapy in general are capable of changing the oncology paradigm, while providing safe and effective drugs to the world.

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