Rigvir Group has sold
International Virotherapy Center

The biotech company Rigvir Group has sold it’s 100% owned International Virotherapy Center (IVC), as the part of the strategy to focus all the resources exclusively on the biotech format of the company, continuing extensive research and development of its main product, the oncolytic virus Rigvir, and novel product indications in accordance with EMA and FDA standards. As a result, the IVC also has the exclusive rights to develop Medical Tourism in the field of virotherapy and the promotion of virotherapy in unregistered markets in accordance with the internationally recognized named-patient access program.

IVC in co-operation with the International Virotherapy Association will continue to develop in the following directions:

  • coordination of treatment for virotherapy patients;
  • doctor training and certification in virotherapy;
  • accreditation of clinics for the application of virotherapy.

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