Rigvir virus celebrates its 20th anniversary

18 April 2024

This month, Rigvir virus celebrates its 20th anniversary since it was registered as a medicine. It happened in 2004 in Latvia, and Rigvir became the first virus in the world to go through all preclinical and clinical trial phases, proving high effectiveness and safety.

Over these 20 years, Rigvir virus has helped thousands of people worldwide and has completely changed the paradigm of oncology, as it can treat without harming humans, as postulated by the medical founder Hippocrates over 400 years before our era. Today, Rigvir is more than just medicine; it is a virus that symbolizes all the good viruses created by God to help people, not to harm them. We wish Rigvir virus much happiness and success in its future life, so that it may live and help people eternally.

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