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It is important to create value in diverse ways.

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We have developed our business with a mission to have an impact on society with our innovation and creating value with our social commitment, strategically investing in the areas of health, science, education, social needs, sports and culture.

"Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation" and the International Artwork Competition - “Art Wins!”

“Art Wins!” - the international competition is established by our partner in mission "Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation" to award the artists and create a collection of exceptional art works with a motivating and inspirational message for the oncological patients worldwide. We invite art professionals and amateurs, oncological patients and their friends and relatives to create new artistic works to inspire to fight with cancer.

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Education and Science

With the agreement between Rigvir holding and one of the leading regional charity foundations “Vītols Fund” we ensure scholarship to the most diligent and talented pupils to prepare them for academic studies in the fields of exact sciences. With scholarship programs we want to help to stimulate interest in science, technology and medicine.

Health and Patient Support

Rigvir Group has created a systematic approach towards health and patient support not only by promoting recognition and availability of virotherapy all over the world – the organization is committed to support free access of the treatment for children and endorse events to create awareness, understanding of oncological illness and patient experience network. For example, as a part of Euromelanoma Day in Latvia, Rigvir Group organizes Annual Melanoma Awareness Days to reduce the frequency of the illness, increase the cases of early detection and lower the mortality rates associated with this cancer type.

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Social and Culture Projects