Product RIGVIR®

We focus on growing our portfolio, developing and improving virotherapy medicines that meet the real needs of patients.

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How does it work?



We invest in biomanufacturing. It is a process of specialized technology, scientific advance and competent employees. We are committed to expand our global reach for the benefit of our patients and partners.


Important Safety Information

Safety matters. We ensure that both the benefits and risks of a medication are continuously monitored and approved by regulators, health care providers.

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Clinical studies from 1968

Genetically not modified oncolytic virus

Live and non-pathogenic immunomodulator

Effective and harmless cancer treatment

Report Adverse Experience

We are all different and so are the biological reactions to medical products. Some are rare and cannot be detected during clinical development or even extensive trials. The worldwide feedback on these adverse reactions is of greatest importance for systematic maintenance of patient and medication safety.


Training for Health Care Professionals

Access all the training, guidelines, support and professional resources for the application of virotherapy.

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Beware of Counterfeits

Counterfeit virotherapy medication is a risk to warn about and protect our patients from.

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