Our R&D Process and Products Under Development

We are committed to discover and advance medication that beats cancer in a safe and harmless way.

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The process of virotherapy development: identification of a drug candidate and new indications

Candidate Discovery

The initial step of the process is to understand the nature of the illness from every angle and to the microlevel of genetic and molecular interaction. This systematic approach allows to our team of scientists to model, develop and record numbers of viral variations for most promising lead candidate selection.

Preclinical Development

The lead contenders should be prepared and scaled for elaborate testing to provide significant evidence of effectiveness and safety in preparation for clinical trials.

Clinical Development

A clinical trial is a research study that test new ways to treat serious disease like cancer. The process is conducted to determine safety, biomedical or behavioral effects and new indications of a medical product.

Regulation, Review and Monitoring

If a therapeutic candidate has reached a concluding point of safety and efficiency in the clinical trial process, it is submitted to local or international regulatory agencies for reviewing procedure. However, the R&D process does not stop with the registration

The treatment and development options for ECHO-7 oncolytic virotherapy

  • Neo-adjuvant approach for improving effectiveness of surgery.
  • Adjuvant approach for early stage patients to prevent metastasis and provide treatment in cases where other options cannot be applied according to main treatment guidelines.
  • Metastatic approach consisting of safe and effective treatment at the late stages to maintain the patient’s quality of life.
  • Combination with other treatments to improve effectiveness and competitiveness of other treatment modalities.

Products under development

We have set strategic goals for virotherapy product differentiation, advancing our scientific process to create medication for oncological illness. We are determined on development of most promising candidates that demonstrate clinically significant effects and potential in economic value.

- active work in progress on POC according to EMA advice.