IV Virotherapy conference

On November 27th, 2015 in Latvian National Library took place IV Virotherapy Conference, which brought together more than 100 interested persons – oncologists, dermatologists, surgeons, scientists and other oncology specialists.

During the conference the most remarkable events of last year was discussed – inclusion into clinical guidelines, medicine registration in Georgia, scientific publication in the authoritative medical journal Melanoma Research and rapid influx of foreign cancer patients. More than 100 participants came to IV Virotherapy conference in National Library of Latvia Friday afternoon.

The IV Virotherapy conference was opened by academician Ivars Kalviņš, who stressed that because of virotherapy Latvia became a world leader in this sector: “We have found a way to help oncology patients overcome tumor without harming the whole body.” Other speakers were Kaspars Losāns, Prof. Dace Baltiņa, Prof. Pēteris Alberts, Dr.med. Aleksandrs Derjabo, Līga Brokāne, Ieva Strēle, Valdis Točs, Vika Telle and Kintija Barloti.

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