To Improve Lives Without Damaging Them

Our history is based on overcoming challenges and cancer is the toughest of them all. It is more than fighting the disease effectively – we are committed to prove that the treatment can be safe and harmless.

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First to Introduce Oncolytic Virotherapy and Becoming a Biotech Company

Our competitive ambition and success is based on scientific progress, continuous improvement with robust quality control and our business partnership reliability worldwide.

About Rigvir Group

Our Mission

To invent, develop and provide access to advanced biotechnological products that transform the treatment paradigm in oncology - fight cancer effectively and are safe and harmless for patient lives.

Our Work

Together with our partners, we collaborate to develop first-in-class virotherapy medicines that are set to remodel the way cancer is understood and treated.


First genetically non-modified virus

One of the fastest growing biotech companies of the Northern Europe

Proven in clinical practice for more than 10 years

Our History

The story of Rigvir Group was started by professor Aina Muceniece, a pioneer scientist who looked into the future and unlocked the potential of oncolytic virotherapy for cancer patients.