Important Safety Information

Our initial consideration is safety and quality.

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Safety profile

RIGVIR® contains an adapted live enterovirus, which is oncotropic and oncolytic, non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified. RIGVIR® does not contain antibiotics, stimulants or potentially toxic substances.
RIGVIR® demonstrates an outstanding safety profile. More than 700 patients participated in RIGVIR® clinical studies. No serious adverse effects were recorded, and the most common side effect was a subfebrile temperature.

We are constantly working on our product safety standards by collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring and preventing the risks of adverse reactions.

Side effects

Not unlike other medicines, RIGVIR® may cause side effects. These potential side effects are short-term and do not require treatment. The most common side effect is a subfebrile temperature lasting 1-3 days.

Report side effects

If you think a medication has caused a side effect, please check the medication’s package leaflet for information on how to report it.

You can usually report side effects by filling in a form online or with your doctor or local pharmacist. For more details, and to report a side effect online, please check the website of your national health authority.

You can also report side effects directly to Marketing Authorization Holder – or by filling in side effect reporting form.


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