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A Case of Stage IV Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma Treated with the Oncolytic ECHO-7 Virus, Rigvir®

Ismailov Z., Rasa A., Bandere K., Brokāne L., Tilgase A., Olmane E., Nazarovs J., Alberts P.

Renal cell carcinoma is the most commonly diagnosed primary malignant tumor of the kidney in adults, and includes the variant of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma. Despite new targeted therapies that improve progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) for early-stage renal cell carcinoma, the 5-year survival for patients with stage IV renal cell carcinoma remains below 10%, and the 50% OS is less than one year. Metastatic renal cell carcinoma can be resistant to cytotoxic chemotherapy. This report is of a case of stage IV chromophobe renal cell carcinoma that responded well to treatment with the oncolytic ECHO-7 virus, Rigvir®.

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The advent of oncolytic virotherapy in oncology: The Rigvir® story.

Alberts, P., Tilgase, A., Rasa, A., Bandere, K., Venskus, D.

Oncolytic viruses are a fast-developing cancer treatment field. Numerous viruses have been tested in clinical trials and three are approved. The first, Rigvir, is an immunomodulator with anti-tumor effect for treatment of cutaneous melanoma, local treatment of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, for prevention of relapse and metastasis after radical surgery registered in Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. The aim of the present review is to summarize the development of Rigvir…

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Multimodality treatment of a colorectal cancer stage IV ptient with FOLFOX-4, bevacizumab, Rigvir Oncolytic Virus, and surgery

Tilgase, A., Olmane, E., Nazarovs, J., Brokāne, L., Erdmanis, R., Rasa, A., Alberts, P.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide. The treatment consists of surgical resection, systemic chemotherapy, and new biological agents. One more recently emerging treatment option is oncolytic virotherapy. Although the use of the new treatment methods shows improved overall and progression-free survival, in general, even with the new treatments, mortality remains high and combinations of treatments should be sought to treat patients with colorectal cancer…

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Melanoma unknown primary brain metastasis treatment with ECHO-7 oncolytic virus RIGVIR®: a case report

Proboka, G., Tilgase, A., Isajevs, S., Rasa, A., Alberts, P.

Melanoma is considered an aggressive malignancy with a tendency of forming metastasis in the brain. Less than 10% of all melanoma cases present with unknown primary tumor location. This diagnose is yet to be fully understood, because there are only theoretical assumptions about the nature of the disease…

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Long term treatment with the oncolytic ECHO 7 virus RIGVIR® of a melanoma stage IV M1c patient, a small cell lung cancer stage IIIA patient, and a histiocytic sarcoma stage IV patient‐three case reports

Alberts, P., Olmane, E., Brokāne L., Krastiņa, Z., Romanovska, M., Kupčs, K., Isajevs, S., Proboka, G., Erdmanis, R., Nazarovs, J., Venskus, D.

Oncolytic virotherapy is a recent addition to cancer treatment. Here, we describe positive treatment outcomes in three patients using RIGVIR® virotherapy…

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Effect of the oncolytic ECHO-7 virus RIGVIR® on the viability of cell lines of human origin in vitro

Tilgase, A., Patetko, L., Blāķe, L., Ramata-Stunda, A., Borodušķis, M., and Alberts, P.

The role of oncolytic viruses in cancer treatment is increasingly studied. The first oncolytic virus (RIGVIR®, ECHO-7) was registered in Latvia over a decade ago. In a recent retrospective study RIGVIR® decreased mortality 4.39-6.57-fold in stage IB-IIC melanoma patients. The aims of the present study are to test the effect of RIGVIR® on cell line viability in vitro and to visualize the cellular presence of RIGVIR® by immunocytochemistry…

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Adapted ECHO-7 virus RIGVIR® immunotherapy (oncolytic virotherapy) prolongs survival in melanoma patients after surgical excision of the tumour in a retrospective study

Doniņa, S., Strēle, I., Proboka, G., Auziņš, J., Alberts, P., Jonsson, B., Venskus, D., Muceniece, A.

An oncolytic, nonpathogenic ECHO-7 virus adapted for melanoma that has not been genetically modified (RIGVIR®) is approved and registered for virotherapy, an active and specific immunotherapy, in Latvia since 2004. The present retrospective study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of RIGVIR® in substage IB, IIA, IIB and IIC melanoma patients on time to progression and overall survival…

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Pre-registration RIGVIR® clinical study summary

Clinical studies of RIGVIR® began in 1968 in Riga, Latvia

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