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Areas of interest and the strategic concept of Life Science

The rapid advance of technology makes science and its achievements even more accessible. Innovations in biotechnology are the key concepts for improving the health quality of global population. Biomolecules, gene-bearing life-forms and their manipulations (nanotechnology) are constantly tested for medical application, including all fields of oncological treatment and prevention.

We are an organization devoting our resources and efforts in biotechnological, pharmaceutical, biomedical and life system technology development and commercialization. We are one of the companies attributed to the concept and growing industry of Life Science.


The company's biotechnological concept is based on the development of the active viral substance of the ECHO-7 virus. Research is still ongoing to uncover all the unique features and functional mechanisms of the virus and find proof for the registration of new indications. We are also working on the development of natural supplementing agents, contributing to more effective application of the virus. The potential of improving the quality of human lives with our biotech products is exceptional.

Oncolytic Virotherapy

Clinical trials and the latest trends in the industry suggest that oncolytic virotherapy is set to play an important part in the future of cancer treatment and cancer prevention. The active research and our oncolytic virus application demonstrate the tremendous therapeutic potential of cancer destruction without causing damage to normal cells. With every new study and cases of clinical practice the results become more convincing for us to invest in further development of new virotherapy products.

Immuno – Oncology

Today we know that the immune system has the most significant potential for the systematic destruction of tumors with no toxicity to normal tissue and preventing cancer recurrence. Products of oncolytic virotherapy induce tumor cell lysis, local immunological reaction (a unique double effect), and enhance systemic anti-tumor immunity. These promising mechanisms are being studied extensively and new hypotheses examined constantly.

Combination Therapy

Recent studies have demonstrated excellent interactions of oncolytic virus and other advanced therapies such as PD1 inhibitors, which can result in significant treatment efficiency increase. The potential of combination therapies has established a direction that needs to be consistently developed to fight cancer with all the capacity and therapeutic power available.

We are strongly engaged in the fight against cancer and committed to provide access to efficient, safe and harmless treatment. The cancer care industry is facing revolutionary change, and our goal is to bring this message to all the patients.