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Therapeutic characteristics

RIGVIR® belongs to the medication group called immunomodulators. RIGVIR® is virus based immunomodulator with anti-tumoral response for the treatment of melanoma, local treatment of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, for prevention of relapse and metastases after radical surgery.

RIGVIR® is a live, non-pathogenic Picornaviridae genera, Enterovirus genus, ECHO group, type 7 virus that has not been genetically modified.

RIGVIR® has oncolytic and oncotropic properties, it selectively infects tumor cells. Oncolytic virotherapy with RIGVIR® is a safe and effective cancer treatment, which improves time to progression, overall survival and the quality of life for cancer patients. RIGVIR® is well tolerated and causes no if any serious adverse effects.

Application and storage

RIGVIR® is administered intramuscularly.

RIGVIR® should be stored at -20 °C, transported frozen and thawed just before the use.


RIGVIR® was first registered in 2004.


Since 2011 - 2019 RIGVIR® was fully reimbursed for residents of Latvia and over 70% of reimbursed melanoma patients have been treated with RIGVIR®. Since 2015 RIGVIR® is included in the national guidelines for melanoma treatment in Latvia.


Both pre-registration and post-registration studies have demonstrated a significant RIGVIR® response to many cancer types besides melanoma, for example stomach and rectum cancer etc. as well as rare diagnoses. Learn more in the page section on clinical studies and results.

Mode of action

RIGVIR® finds and infects tumor cells. This process is called oncotropism. Subsequently, RIGVIR® replicates in tumor cells and destroys them. This process is called oncolysis. Both processes, oncotropism and oncolysis, are selective for tumor cells and healthy cells are only minimally affected, if at all.

The effect of Rigvir on isolated melanoma cell viability compared to control sample, at different times.


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