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Biotechnology, oncolytic virotherapy, immuno-oncology, combination therapy.

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The challenging cancer predictions

The number of global cancer cases are expected to grow dramtically over the next two decades and we are rising to the challenge by advancing in development of effective, safe and harmless treatment and transforming cancer care.

Expected rise in number of cases over next two decades worldwide.

By 2025, new global cancer cases are predicted to be 20 million annually.

The rates of melanoma and other types of cancer have been rising for the last 30 years.

Source: World Health
Organization (WHO)

Our visionary breakthrough and scientific excitement ⚊ oncolytic virotherapy

Oncolytic virus is an exceptionally promising immunotherapy drug for treatment of melanoma and other types of cancer, as a monotherapy or a part of combination treatment with other advanced immunotherapy agents.

Understanding cancer, immune system and the virus

The Past

In the 1960s the research propositions emerged stating that particular viruses are capable of destroying tumors. The focus started to shift from the concept of cancer as a predominantly genetic disease and one of the movement initiators was professor Aina Muceniece.

The Present

Now it is about the microenvironment surrounding the malignant division of cancer cells and the immune system, that are key concepts in the groundbreaking approach of oncolytic virotherapy.

The Future

The development of oncolytic virotherapy has the potential to transform the cancer treatment towards unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency, establishing a permanent change in cancer treatment paradigm.