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Jurgis Auzins

Jurgis Auzins

Chief Executive Officer

Rigvir Group is the world leader in the practical development of oncolytic viruses. With the scientific work of my grandmother Aina Muceniece since the 1960-s and Rigvir Group’s determined work for the last 20 years, the use of oncolytic viruses in oncology has become a normal practice for countless medical professionals around the world; and cancer virotherapy has taken its firm place among other cancer treatment methods. In the last few years, Rigvir Group has restructured itself from a biotechnology concept and commercialisation to the manufacturing and licensing of Rigvir virus (ECHO-7) active substance. Today, several licence agreements have already been signed on the development and registration of the product, manufacturing of the end-product, commercialisation, and product transformation into different forms and segments.
In all cases of licensing and cooperation, Rigvir Group holds the right to an independent quality and identification control to make sure every Rigvir buyer can feel safe of product authenticity and efficiency. Thanks to the signed licence agreements, Rigvir virus is currently available in every country that complies with Rigvir Group’s mission and initial aims.
I would especially like to highlight the cooperation project Natural Intelligence Against Cancer together with the UK-based company Smart Nanovirus Limited, in terms of which the Rigvir virus has been transformed into dietary supplement form, opening brand-new horizons in cancer prevention and letting us hope for a much closer cancer problem solution than we can imagine today.

Yours sincerely, Jurgis Auzins