Virotherapy combined treatment – new paradigm in cancer treatment

Recently, the paradigm of a new cancer treatment has taken over the world. Leading scientists in the 11th International Congress of Oncolytic Virotherapy (Oxford, UK) as well as science flagship publishers have come up with various research studies that show the significant cancer treatment effectiveness for the virotherapy combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors. In the conference, leading scientists demonstrated the results of the research by analysing the ability of viruses to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

Also prominent oncology opinion leaders including the first author of the ESMO guidelines has concluded that using combination treatment with virotherapy increases the effectiveness of the anti-PD1 medicine for as much as 62%. All these conditions clearly indicates the victory procession of the cancer treatment with viruses.

Representatives of the Rigvir Group also attended this conference with a poster presentation, which received recognition for the applicability and effectiveness of the ECHO-7 virus.

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