Vītols Foundation and Rigvir Group scholarships

On Friday, September 8th, a solemn event was held at the National Library of Latvia, in which the Vītols foundation scholarships, provided by the Rigvir Group, were presented. The purpose of the scholarship competition is to provide support to diligent high school students in the final school year in order to help them to prepare for studies at higher education institutions. Scholarships received 14 students, preference was given to those who associate their future with the exact sciences – medicine, pharmacy, chemistry or biology. These students will receive a scholarship totaling 675 euros throughout the school year, provided by Rigvir Group.

To apply for the Rigvir Group Scholarship Competition, students were required to submit their CV form with details of participation and results in the Olympiads, competitions and social activities, a letter of motivation justifying the desire to obtain a scholarship, the choice of the future profession and describing the family’s material and social status, as well as a chemistry / biology teacher’s recommendation. Applications for the scholarship competition were evaluated by representatives of the Vitols Foundation.

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